The authors of the review paper Related Article(s): Biomechanical Loading as an alternativeative Treatment for Tremor: A Review of Two Approaches
would like to acknowledge the omission of citations to

Rocon, E., Manto, M., Pons, J., Camut, S., & Belda, J. M. (2007). Mechanical suppression of essential tremor. The Cerebellum, 6(1), 73-78.

from which original figures were adapted to produce Figure 1 and Figure 3, and

Manto, M., Rocon, E., Pons, J., Belda, J. M., & Camut, S. (2007). Evaluation of a wearable orthosis and an associated algorithm for tremor suppression. Physiological measurement, 28(4), 415.

in which the authors provide an earlier report on wearable orthosis for tremor assessment and suppression.