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  1. Development of Harmaline-induced Tremor in a Swine Model

    Jihyun Lee, Inyong Kim, Jeyeon Lee, Emily Knight, Lei Cheng, Shin il Kang, Dong Pyo Jang, Su-Youne Chang
    Brief Reports
  2. Probable REM-Sleep Behavior Disorder and Dysautonomic Symptoms in Essential Tremor

    Raquel Barbosa, Marcelo Mendonça, Filipa Ladeira, Rita Miguel, Paulo Bugalho
    Brief Reports
  3. Absence of Acanthocytosis in Huntington’s Disease-like 2: A Prospective Comparison with Huntington’s Disease

    David G. Anderson, Sergio Carmona, Kubendran Naidoo, Theresa L. Coetzer, Jonathan Carr, Dobrila D. Rudnicki, Ruth H. Walker, Russell L. Margolis, Amanda Krause
    Brief Reports
  4. The Effect of Botulinum Toxin on Network Connectivity in Cervical Dystonia: Lessons from Magnetoencephalography

    Abhimanyu Mahajan, Abdullah Alshammaa, Andrew Zillgitt, Susan M Bowyer, Peter LeWitt, Patricia Kaminski, Christos Sidiropoulos
    Brief Reports
  5. Dystonic Head Tremor and the Coexistence of Headache

    Marit A. Hulzenga, Debbie Beumer, Peter J. Koehler
    Brief Reports
  6. Telemedicine Enables Broader Access to Movement Disorders Curricula for Medical Students

    Esther Cubo, Jacques Doumbe, Emiliano López, Guadalupe A. Lopez, Emilia Gatto, Gabriel Persi, Mark Guttman, on behalf of the Telemedicine Task Force
    Brief Reports
  7. Postural Tremor and Ataxia Progression in Spinocerebellar Ataxias

    Shi-Rui Gan, Jie Wang, Karla P. Figueroa, Stefan M. Pulst, Darya Tomishon, Danielle Lee, Susan Perlman, George Wilmot, Christopher ‎ M. Gomez, Jeremy Schmahmann, Henry Paulson, Vikramq G. Shakkottai, Sarah H. Ying, Theresa Zesiewicz, Khalaf Bushara, Michael D. Geschwind, Guangbin Xia, S. H. Subramony, Tetsuo Ashizawa, Sheng-Han Kuo
    Brief Reports
  8. The Inter-rater Variability of Clinical Assessment in Post-anoxic Myoclonus

    Jonathan C. van Zijl, Martijn Beudel, Jan-Willem J. Elting, Bauke M. de Jong, Joukje van der Naalt, Walter M. van den Bergh, Andrea O. Rossetti, Marina A. Tijssen, Janneke Horn
    Brief Reports
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