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  1. Re-emergent Tongue Tremor in Neuroleptic Induced Parkinsonism

    Shweta Prasad, Vikram V. Holla, Pramod K. Pal
    Case Reports
  2. An Unusual Cause of Camptocormia

    Sahil Mehta, Rajender Kumar, Vivek Lal
    Case Reports
  3. Pseudo-ataxia due to Osteoid Osteoma

    Juanette McKenzie, Curtis Oettel-Flaherty, Douglas Noel, Ruth H. Walker, Andrew K. Sobering
    Case Reports
  4. A Rare Presentation of Orthostatic Tremor as Abdominal Tremor

    Christina Mousele, Paul Bentley, Yen F. Tai
    Case Reports
  5. Anti-GAD Antibody-associated Syndrome Presenting with Limb Myoclonus

    Pedro Manzke, Talyta Grippe, Georgia L. Tavares, Lucas C. Leal, Emmanuel Roze, Emmanuelle Apartis, Ronaldo M. Dias, André G. Ferreira
    Case Reports
  6. Transient Generalized Chorea in Influenza A Encephalopathy

    Jannik Prasuhn, Georg Royl, Klaus P. Wandinger, Norbert Brüggemann, Alexander Neumann, Thomas F. Münte
    Case Reports
  7. Athetoid Movements as Initial Manifestation of Primary Sjögren Syndrome

    Norma L. Alvarado-Franco, Catalina Gonzalez-Marques, Leticia A. Olguín-Ramírez, Alejandro Garza-Alpirez, Giovana Femat-Roldan, Daniel Martinez-Ramirez
    Case Reports
  8. Steroid-responsive Encephalopathy Associated with Autoimmune Thyroiditis (SREAT) Presenting with Pure Cerebellar Ataxia

    Pichet Termsarasab, Yuvadee Pitakpatapee, Steven J. Frucht, Prachaya Srivanitchapoom
    Case Reports
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