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  1. Chorea–Acanthocytosis and the Huntington Disease Allele in an Irish Family

    Olwen C. Murphy, Orna O'Toole, Collette K. Hand, Aisling M. Ryan
    New Observations Letters
  2. An Unusual And Intriguing Presentation Of Sydenham’s Chorea

    Sahil Mehta, Manoj Goyal, Camilla Kilbane, Rajender Kumar, Vivek Lal
    New Observations Letters
  3. Globus Pallidum DBS for Task-Specific Dystonia Symptoms in a Professional Golfer

    Aparna Wagle Shukla, Wei Hu, Zakia Jabarkheel, Syed Shah, Joseph Legacy, Kamilia Nozile-Firth, Pam Zeilman, Kelly Foote, Michael Okun
    New Observations Letters
  4. Istradefylline for Restless Legs Syndrome Associated with Parkinson’s Disease

    Maierdanjiang Nuermaimaiti, Genko Oyama, Chayut Kasemsuk, Nobutaka Hattori
    New Observations Letters
  5. The Movement Disorder of Brain-Lung-Thyroid Syndrome Can be Responsive to Methylphenidate

    Laurence Gauquelin, Luan T. Tran, Sylvain Chouinard, Geneviève Bernard
    New Observations Letters
  6. Purkinje Cell Cytoplasmic Antibody (PCA-2)-related Chorea–Dystonia Syndrome

    Harsh V. Gupta, Charles Gervais, Mark A. Ross, Shyamal H. Mehta
    New Observations Letters
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