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  • Tremor control devices for essential tremor. A systematic literature review.

    Esther Cubo, Victoria Castrillo-Fraile, Elena Casas-Peña, José María Trejo, Pedro David Delgado-López, Carla Collazo
  • Association of rare genetic variants in opioid receptors with Tourette syndrome

    Christel Depienne, Andreas Hartmann, Sorana Ciura, Oriane Trouillard , Delphine Bouteiller, Elsa Leitão, Caroline Nava, Boris Keren, Yannick Marie, Justine Guegan, Sylvie Forlani, Alexis Brice, Mathieu Anheim, Yves Agid, Paul Krack, Philippe Damier, Francois Viallet, Jean-Luc Houeto, Franck Durif, Marie Vidailhet, Yulia Worbe, Emmanuel Roze, Edor Kabashi
  • Cervical Dystonia mimics: Case series and review of literature.

    Prashanth Kukkle, Srinivas Raju, Amogh Ravi
  • Movement Disorders in Prionopathies: A Systematic Review.

    Federico Rodriguez-Porcel
  • Injection into the Longus Colli Muscle via Thyroid Gland

    Małgorzata Tyślerowicz, Wolfgang Jost
  • Slow Orthostatic Tremor - Review of the Current Evidence

    Anhar Hassan, John Caviness
  • Under-recognition of Cervical Dystonia

    Evan Angelo Hale, Gina Liu, Christine Kim, Elan Louis
  • Clinical Profile of Non-Motor Symptoms in Patients with Essential Tremor: Impact on Quality of life and Age-Related Differences

    Ali Shalash, Hadeer Mohamed, Hanan Elrassas, Eman Hamid
  • Slow orthostatic tremor and the case for routine electrophysiological evaluation of all tremors

    Diego Torres-Russotto, Rodger J Elble
  • Response Letter: Paraneoplastic Chorea Managed with Intravenous Amantadine

    Nicholas Doher, Harsh Vardhan Gupta
  • Author response to Dr. Nicholas Doher and Dr. Harsh V Gupta

    Youn Jinyoung, Jongmok Ha, Boo Suk Na, Jong Hyeon Ahn, Minkyeong Kim, Jae Woo Kim, Jae Hyeok Lee, Jin Whan Cho, Ji Sun Kim