Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements

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Selected Recent Publications

In Press

  • Sensory tricks are associated with higher sleep-related quality of life in cervical dystonia

    Casey N. Benadof, Mark I. Appelbaum, Glenn T. Stebbins, Cynthia L. Comella, David A. Peterson, Elizabeth Cisneros
  • Segmented versus Nonsegmented Deep Brain Stimulation for Essential Tremor Differ in Ataxic Side Effects

    Daniel A. Roque
  • Dementia in Essential Tremor: A Visual Record

    Maria Anna Zdrodowska, Tess E. Cersonsky, Arash Salardini, Stephanie Cosentino, Elan D. Louis
  • Chorea as a complication of STN DBS for Essential Tremor

    Christopher C. Spears, Leonardo Almeida, Michael S. Okun, Amar Patel, Wissam Deeb
  • Neuropathology of Dystonia

    Nutan Sharma
  • Status Dystonicus as an acute sequelae following Anoxic Cerebral Damage

    Somdattaa Ray, Pramod K. Pal, Ravi Yadav
  • Re-emergent Tongue Tremor in Neuroleptic Induced Parkinsonism

    Shweta Prasad, Vikram V. Holla, Pramod Pal
  • Estimating Change in Tremor Amplitude Using Clinical Ratings: Recommendations for Clinical Trials

    Rodger J. Elble
  • Population-Scale Hand Tremor Estimation via Mouse Cursor Movements

    Ryen White

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