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TOHM is a rigorously peer-reviewed academic journal for the publication of scientific and research findings and innovations about tremor and hyperkinetic disorders. A primary focus of the journal is tremor. Hence, articles that elucidate some aspect of tremor are preferred, but articles that contribute to the understanding of other forms of hyperkinesias (myoclonus, dystonia, tics and stereotypies, chorea, ataxia, dyskinesias, restless legs, etc.) are also a focus of the journal.

What sets TOHM apart from other journals?

  • In contrast to journals already being published in this area, whose primary focus is on disorders of hypokinesia (i.e., mainly Parkinson's disease), TOHM is devoted exclusively to and gives a home to papers on tremor and the other hyperkinetic movement disorders
  • Authors have fewer page restrictions (e.g., full-length articles may be up to 5,000 words)
  • Rapid turnaround time: the current turnaround time from submission to first decision is 22 days (3.25 weeks)
  • Rapid submission-to-publication times
  • Rolling submission and publication
  • Through open access to its content, greater visibility, more citations, higher impact on the field

Professor of Neurology and Epidemiology, and Chief of the Division of Movement Disorders at Yale University, Elan D. Louis, M.D., M.S., is TOHM's founding editor-in-chief and past or current member of other editorial boards such as Neuroepidemiology and Movement Disorders. His interests are in degenerative diseases of the central nervous system, with a particular emphasis on tremor disorders. Dr. Louis has written over 500 peer-reviewed articles and has been invited to author editorials and reviews for journals such as Annals of Neurology, Movement Disorders, New England Journal of Medicine, and the Lancet.

Elan D. Louis, M.D., M.S., Yale University (United States), submissions@tremorjournal.org

Ruth H. Walker, M.D., Ph.D., James J. Peters Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Mount Sinai School of Medicine (United States), ruth.walker@mssm.edu


Alberto Albanese, M.D., Istituto Nazionale Neurologicao, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore “Carlo Besta” (Italy)

Martin Bareš, M.D., Ph.D., Masaryk University (Czech Republic)

Julian Benito-Leon, M.D., Ph.D., Hospital “12 de Octubre” (Spain)

Alfredo Berardelli, M.D., Sapienza Universita Di Roma (Italy)

Susan Bressman, M.D., Albert Einstein College of Medicine (United States)

Francisco Cardoso, M.D., Medical School of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil)

John Caviness, M.D., Mayo Clinic School of Medicine (United States)

William Dauer, M.D., University of Michigan (United States)

Okan Doğu, M.D., Mersin University (Turkey)

Dirk Dressler, M.D., Ph.D., Hannover Medical School (Germany)

Rodger Elble, M.D., Ph.D., Southern Illinois University (United States)

Jennifer Friedman, M.D., University of California, San Diego (United States)

Steven Frucht, M.D., Mount Sinai School of Medicine (United States)

Alexandre Gironell, M.D., Ph.D., Sant Pau Hospital (Spain)

Mark Hallett, M.D., National Institutes of Health (United States)

Dietrich Haubenberger, M.D., National Institutes of Health (United States)

Peter Hedera, M.D., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University (United States)

Rick Helmich, M.D., Ph.D., Radboud University Medical Centre (the Netherlands)

Joseph Jankovic, M.D., Baylor College of Medicine (United States)

Felix Javier Jiménez, M.D., Universidad de Alcala (Spain)

Hyder Jinnah, M.D., Ph.D., Emory University (United States)

Manju Kurian, MRCPCH, Ph.D., University College London (United Kingdom)

Roger Kurlan, M.D., Atlantic Health Neuroscience Institute (United States)

Mark LeDoux, M.D., Ph.D., University of Tennessee (United States)

Elizabeth McCusker, M.D., Westmead Hospital (Australia)

Michael Okun, M.D., University of Florida (United States)

William Ondo, M.D., Baylor College of Medicine (United States)

Pramod Pal, M.D., D.M., National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences (India)

Seth Pullman, M.D., Columbia University (United States)

E. K. Tan, M.D., Singapore General Hospital (Singapore)

A.-Fleur van Rootselaar, M.D., Ph.D., Academic Medical Center (Netherlands)

Marie Vidailhet, M.D., Hospital de la Salpêtrière (France)

Arthur S. Walters, M.D., Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (United States)

Anne Young, M.D., Ph.D., Massachusetts General Hospital (United States)

Theresa Zesiewicz, M.D., University of South Florida (United States)

All articles are peer-reviewed by members of the TOHM Editorial Board. TOHM uses an iterative online publishing process and therefore does not have fixed deadlines for submission or publication.

Upon publication, all articles are submitted to PubMed Central (PMC) on behalf of the author in compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy. All articles published in PMC are indexed in PubMed.

The journal is freely available online and does not accept funds from advertisers. Therefore, full-length articles carry a $650 article-processing fee, while brief reports, case reports, and letters that report new observations carry a $350 fee. Video Abstracts and Teaching NeuroImages carry a $75 fee. Other categories of articles (i.e. Reviews, Viewpoints, Editorials, and Letters related to previously published material) do not carry a charge.

Further information can be obtained from Elan D. Louis M.D., M.S., Editor-in-Chief, at submissions@tremorjournal.org.

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Tremor's Impact Factor

TOHM is already well into the process of obtaining an Impact Factor. The following table outlines the milestones that we have met thus far. We expect our first Impact Factor in early 2020.

Steps involved in applying for an Impact Factor Step completed? Date of completion or expected completion
Journal meets all evaluation criteria: June 2012
Demonstrates quality peer review June 2011
Meets ethical publishing practices standards June 2011
Meets international editorial conventions June 2011
Publications properly formatted (XML, PDF) August 2011
Articles available in full text English August 2011
Timeliness (steady flow of articles over 9 months) June 2012
Acceptance for inclusion in MEDLINE June 2017
Acceptance into Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) February 2018
Remain in ESCI for 2 years for further evaluation   February 2020
Final evaluation and calculation of Impact Factor   February 2020

From the Editor

Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements (TOHM) was conceived as a journal that would publish clinical and scientific papers on tremor and hyperkinetic movements. In contrast to current publications, whose primary focus is on disorders of hypokinesia (i.e., mainly Parkinson’s disease), TOHM shifts focus, emphasizing the non-Parkinsonian movement disorders, giving center stage to clinical observations and research in this area. In doing so, the journal aims to provide an international platform for experts and specialists in the field of hyperkinetic movements.

The journal was launched in 2011, and the response from the field in terms of feedback and submissions has been decided and swift, and the journal has received a steady and growing flow of high-quality submissions. The advantage of our online format is the ability to publish papers as accepted on a rolling basis, the rapid submission-to-publication times, and fewer word length constraints and page restrictions. These all provide prospective authors with the ability to elaborate on their research ideas and disseminate their research in a rapid, real-time manner. We welcome you to TOHM.

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