Fixed Dystonia of the Left Hand in a Violinist: A Rare Functional Disorder

  • André Lee
  • Andreas Kenneth Jahnke
  • Eckart Altenmüller


Background:Fixed dystonia leads to an immobile abnormal posturing of the affected limb. There is an ongoing debate whether this condition is psychogenic in origin.

Case Report:We present a 21‐year‐old violinist with fixed dystonia after an acute overuse injury with a transient cyanosis but no signs for psychological trauma. After Incobotulinumtoxin injection, symptoms subsided within 8 hours.

Discussion:Our case corroborates the notion that fixed dystonias after minor injuries are functional disorders. It underlines the necessity of a biopsychosocial approach to functional disorders, considering the possibility of an overlay between organic and non‐organic disorders.