Mirror Movements Identified in Patients with Moebius Syndrome

  • Bryn Dionna Webb
  • Tamiesha Frempong
  • Thomas P. Naidich
  • Harald Gaspar
  • Ethylin Wang Jabs
  • Janet C. Rucker


Background: Moebius syndrome is a rare disorder with minimum clinical criteria of congenital facial weakness in association with impairment in abduction of one or both eyes. Mirror movements are not known to be associated with Moebius syndrome.  

Case Report: We present three patients who meet minimum criteria for a diagnosis of Moebius syndrome and who also display mirror movements.

Discussion: This case series suggests that Moebius syndrome may be associated with mirror movements. Further investigation to delineate the genetic etiologies of Moebius syndrome is ongoing. Patients with Moebius syndrome and mirror movements may represent a specific subclass of this disorder.