Tremors and Klinefelter’s Syndrome

  • Marcie L Rabin
  • Shivam Om Mittal
  • Bahman Jabbari


Background: Klinefelter’s syndrome (KS) has been associated with tremor, but reports on tremor phenomenology and treatment are limited.

Case Reports: Patient 1 is a 17‐year‐old male with a dystonic tremor treated with deep brain stimulation (DBS). Patient 2 is a 57‐year‐old male with a predominant left hand resting tremor and dystonic features.

Discussion: Our cases suggest that the tremor in patients with KS may be dystonic in nature. Patient 1 is also the third reported case of successful treatment with DBS. These cases have implications for elucidating the underlying neurobiological mechanism of tremor and identifying treatment options.