Alien Limb Syndrome Responsive to Amantadine in a Patient with Corticobasal Syndrome

  • Francisco de Assis Aquino Gondim
  • José Wagner Leonel Tavares Júnior
  • Arlindo A. Morais
  • Paulo Marcelo Gondim Sales
  • Horta Goes Wagner


Background: Corticobasal syndrome (CBS) is a complex neurodegenerative disorder associated with parkinsonism and alien limb syndrome. Dressing and ideomotor apraxia were reportedly responsive to amantadine.

Case Report: A 79‐year‐old female was referred for evaluation of right hemiparesis. Neurological examination showed dementia, normal ocular movements, mild facial hypomimia, and bradykinesia with right hemiparesis. Nine years later, she developed alien limb syndrome and was diagnosed with CBS. After failure to respond to several medications, alien limb syndrome markedly improved with amantadine.

Discussion: To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of a consistent response of severe, forced dystonic alien limb syndrome to amantadine in a patient with CBS.