Hereditary Myoclonus Dystonia: A Novel SGCE Variant and Phenotype Including Intellectual Disability

  • David G Coughlin
  • Tanya M Bardakjian
  • Meredith Spindler
  • Andres Deik


Background: Hereditary myoclonus dystonia is often due to changes in the SGCE gene. Dystonia (DYT)-SGCE has a variable phenotype that can involve focal or generalized myoclonus and various forms of task-specific, segmental, or generalized dystonia. Psychiatric comorbidities are common.

Case Report: We report a case of a young woman with generalized myoclonus, dystonia, and intellectual disability. She was found to have a novel SGCE splice site variant.

Discussion: This novel variant is very likely pathogenic by in silico analysis and has not been previously reported. Additionally, her intellectual disability may constitute a novel phenotype for patients with SGCE variants.