Severe Essential Tremor: Illustrative Videos

  • Evan A. Hale
  • Elan D. Louis


Background: Essential tremor (ET) can be profoundly disabling in severe cases; however, such cases may not often be encountered by general practitioners, primary care physicians, or general neurologists, leading to misdiagnosis.

Phenomenology shown: Severe kinetic, postural, and intention tremors in patients with ET.

Educational value: To provide visual examples of severe, long-standing ET for general practitioners, primary care clinicians, and general neurologists.

Keywords: Essential tremor, clinical, phenotype, severe, disability

Citation: Hale EA, Louis ED. Severe Essential Tremor: Illustrative Videos. Tremor Other Hyperkinet Mov. 2019; 9. doi: 10.7916/d8-hn37-y044