Facio-Oculo-Palatal Myoclonus Complicated by a Recurrent Brainstem Stroke

  • Yuvadee Pitakpatapee
  • Prachaya Srivanitchapoom


Background: A 54-year-old Thai male who has suffered from multiple episodes of ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes developed facio-oculo-palatal myoclonus (FOPM) 1 month after the latest episode of the brainstem stroke.

Phenomenology Shown: The patient presented with semirhythmic, involuntary, horizontal jerky, and rotatory ocular oscillation concomitant with asymmetrical palatal and perioral myoclonus consistent with FOPM.

Educational value: FOPM is a useful clinical clue for diagnosing brainstem lesions, specifically in the Guillain–Mollaret triangle. The commonest etiology is cerebrovascular diseases.

Keywords: Cerebrovascular diseases/stroke, palatal tremor, facio-oculo-palatal myoclonus, brainstem infarction, Guillain–Mollaret triangle.

Citation: Pitakpatapee Y, Srivanitchapoom P. Facio-oculo-palatal myoclonus complicated by a recurrent brainstem stroke. Tremor Other Hyperkinet Mov. 2019; 9. doi: 10.7916/tohm.v0.658