DaT Scan “Abnormality” in Hyperglycemic-Hemichorea

  • Nicholas Doher
  • Harsh V. Gupta


Background: Hyperglycemic-hemichorea is a well-established clinical entity which leads to signal changes on brain MRI. We are reporting a case of hyperglycemic-hemichorea where the DaT scan showed reduced uptake bilaterally.

Case Report: A 57-year-old female was seen in the clinic for hemichorea due to hyperglycemia. Her brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed increased T1 signal intensity in bilateral lenticular nuclei and the DaT scan showed reduced uptake on both sides.

Discussion: This case highlights the importance of performing a DaT scan in the correct clinical context, as an abnormality on brain MRI can lead to false-positive DaT scan results.

Keywords: DaT scan, basal ganglia, hyperglycemia, hemichorea, hemiballism

Citation: Doher N, Gupta HV. DaT Scan “Abnormality” in Hyperglycemic-Hemichorea. Tremor Other Hyperkinet Mov. 2019: 9. doi: 10.7916/tohm.v0.739.