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  1. Genetic Testing Preferences of Individuals in Families with Essential Tremor

    Kelly Naranjo, Jemin Park, Karen Chen, Nora Hernandez, Lorraine Clark, Ruth Ottman, Elan D. Louis
  2. Longitudinal Follow-up of Impedance Drift in Deep Brain Stimulation Cases

    Joshua Wong, Aysegul Gunduz, Jonathan Shute, Robert Eisinger, Stephanie Cernera, Kwo Wei David Ho, Daniel Martinez-Ramirez, Leonardo Almeida, Christina A. Wilson, Michael S. Okun, Christopher W. Hess
  3. Psychological Suffering in Essential Tremor: A Study of Patients and Those Who Are Close to Them

    Joan K. Monin, Jesús Gutierrez, Sarah Kellner, Sarah Morgan, Kathleen Collins, Brittany Rohl, Fanny Migliore, Stephanie Cosentino, Edward Huey, Elan D. Louis
  4. Abnormalities of Eye–Hand Coordination in Patients with Writer’s Cramp: Possible Role of the Cerebellum

    Ketan Jhunjhunwala, Raviteja Kotikalapudi, Abhishek Lenka, Kandavel Thennarassu, Ravi Yadav, Jitender Saini, Pramod K. Pal
  5. Risk Factors for Tremor in a Population of Patients with Severe Mental Illness: An 18-year Prospective Study in a Geographically Representative Sample (The Curacao Extrapyramidal Syndromes Study XI)

    Charlotte L. Mentzel, P R. Bakker, Jim van Os, Marjan Drukker, Michiel R. van den Oever, Glenn E. Matroos, Hans W. Hoek, Marina A. Tijssen, Peter N. van Harten
  6. Familial Aggregation of the Cerebellar Signs in Familial Essential Tremor

    Elan D. Louis, Nora Hernandez, Karen P. Chen, Kelly V. Naranjo, Jemin Park, Lorraine N. Clark, Ruth Ottman
  7. A Comparison Study of Cognitive and Neuropsychiatric Features of Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s Disease

    Verónica Puertas-Martín, Alberto Villarejo-Galende, Sara Fernández-Guinea, Juan Pablo Romero, Elan D. Louis, Julián Benito-León
  8. Deutetrabenazine in Tics Associated with Tourette Syndrome

    Joseph Jankovic, Joohi Jimenez-Shahed, Cathy Budman, Barbara Coffey, Tanya Murphy, David Shprecher, David Stamler
  9. Occurrence of Dysphagia Following Botulinum Toxin Injection in Parkinsonism-related Cervical Dystonia: A Retrospective Study

    Addie Patterson, Leonardo Almeida, Christopher W. Hess, Daniel Martinez-Ramirez, Michael S. Okun, Ramon L. Rodriguez, Valerie Rundle-Gonzalez, Aparna Wagle Shukla, Irene A. Malaty
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