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  1. Examining the Motor Phenotype of Patients with Both Essential Tremor and Parkinson's Disease

    Rita M. Simões, Anne Constantino, Eliza Gibadullina, David Houghton, Elan D. Louis, Irene Litvan
    Brief Reports
  2. Mirror Movements in Movement Disorders: A Review

    Benjamin C. Cox, Massimo Cincotta, Alberto J. Espay
  3. Essential Tremor Prevalence is Low in the Druze Population in Northern Israel

    Judith Aharon-Peretz, Samih Badarny, Raphiq Ibrahim, Ruth Gershoni-Baruch, Gamal Hassoun
    Brief Reports
  4. Cerebellar Ataxia from Multiple Potential Causes: Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Thalamic Stimulation, and Essential Tremor

    Natalya V. Shneyder, Mark K. Lyons, Erika Driver-Dunckley, Virgilio Gerald H. Evidente
    Case Reports
  5. Movement Disorders After Stroke in Adults: A Review

    Shalini Bansil, Neel Prakash, Joel Kaye, Sandra Wrigley, Christina Manata, Claire Stevens-Haas, Roger Kurlan
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