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  1. Deep Brain Stimulation for the Treatment of Tremor and Ataxia Associated with Abetalipoproteinemia

    Antonios Mammis, Michael Pourfar, Andrew Feigin, Alon Y. Mogilner
    Case Reports
  2. Tremor: Clinical Phenomenology and Assessment Techniques

    Christopher W. Hess, Seth L. Pullman
  3. The NEDICES Study: Recent Advances in the Understanding of the Epidemiology of Essential Tremor

    Juan P. Romero, Julian Benito-Leon, Félix Bermejo-Pareja
  4. Examining the Motor Phenotype of Patients with Both Essential Tremor and Parkinson's Disease

    Rita M. Simões, Anne Constantino, Eliza Gibadullina, David Houghton, Elan D. Louis, Irene Litvan
    Brief Reports
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