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  1. Comparable Botulinum Toxin Outcomes between Primary and Secondary Blepharospasm: A Retrospective Analysis

    Daniel Martinez-Ramirez, Juan C. Giugni, Erin Hastings, Aparna W. Shukla, Irene A. Malaty, Michael S. Okun, Ramon L. Rodriguez
  2. Botulinum Toxin Therapy for Cervical Dystonia: The Science of Dosing

    Virgilio Gerald H. Evidente, Eric J. Pappert
  3. Increased Prevalence of Non-Motor Symptoms in Essential Tremor

    Annie Lacerte, Sylvain Chouinard, Nicolas Jodoin, Genevieve Bernard, Guy A. Rouleau, Michel Panisset
  4. Observational Study of IncobotulinumtoxinA for Cervical Dystonia or Blepharospasm (XCiDaBLE): Interim Results for the First 170 Subjects with Blepharospasm

    Hubert H. Fernandez, Joseph Jankovic, John B. Holds, Daniel Lin, John Burns, Amit Verma, Kapil Sethi, Eric J. Pappert
  5. Deep Brain Stimulation for Tremor Associated with Underlying Ataxia Syndromes: A Case Series and Discussion of Issues

    Genko Oyama, Amanda Thompson, Kelly D. Foote, Natlada Limotai, Muhammad Abd‐El‐Barr, Nicholas Maling, Irene A. Malaty, Ramon L. Rodriguez, Sankarasubramoney H. Subramony, Tetsuo Ashizawa, Michael S. Okun
  6. REM Sleep Behavior and Motor Findings in Parkinson’s Disease: A Cross-sectional Analysis

    Abhimanyu Mahajan, Liana S. Rosenthal, Charlene Gamaldo, Rachel E. Salas, Gregory M. Pontone, Arita McCoy, Chizoba Umeh, Zoltan Mari
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