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  1. Orthostatic Tremor is Responsive to Bilateral Thalamic Deep Brain Stimulation: Report of Two Cases Performed Asleep

    Virgilio Gerald H. Evidente, Zachary J. Baker, Maris H. Evidente, Robin Garrett, Margaret Lambert, Francisco A. Ponce
    Case Reports
  2. Diagnosis of Spinocerebellar Ataxia in the West Indies

    Ashley K. Yearwood, Shruthi Rethi, Karla P. Figueroa, Ruth H. Walker, Andrew K. Sobering
    Case Reports
  3. Holmes Tremor Partially Responsive to Topiramate: A Case Report

    Natalia González Rojas, Martin Cesarini, José L. Etcheverry, Gustavo Da Prat, Tomás Viera Aramburu, Emilia Mabel Gatto
    Case Reports
  4. Hemifacial Spasm in Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI (Maroteaux–Lamy Syndrome)

    Aneesh Karir, Michael Geraghty, Michael Vassilyadi, Asif Doja
    Case Reports
  5. Tardive Akathisia with Asymmetric and Upper-body Presentation: Report of Two Cases and Literature Review

    Gholamali Shahidi, Mohammad Rohani, Renato Puppi Munhoz, Fahimeh H. Akhoundi
    Case Reports
  6. A Treatable Rare Cause of Progressive Ataxia and Palatal Tremor

    Malco Rossi, Martin Cesarini, Emilia M. Gatto, Angel Cammarota, Marcelo Merello
    Case Reports
  7. Complete Resolution of Symptoms of Primary Orthostatic Tremor with Perampanel

    Maria Ruiz-Julián, Jorge Luís Orozco, Alexandre Gironell
    Case Reports
  8. Hereditary Myoclonus Dystonia: A Novel SGCE Variant and Phenotype Including Intellectual Disability

    David G. Coughlin, Tanya M. Bardakjian, Meredith Spindler, Andres Deik
    Case Reports
  9. Reversal of Status Dystonicus after Relocation of Pallidal Electrodes in DYT6 Generalized Dystonia

    D.L. Marinus Oterdoom, Martje E. van Egmond, Luisa Cassini Ascencao, J. Marc C. van Dijk, Assel Saryyeva, Martijn Beudel, Joachim Runge, Tom J. de Koning, Mahmoud Abdallat, Hendriekje Eggink, Marina A. Tijssen, Joachim K. Krauss
    Case Reports
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