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  1. Clinical Outcome and Characterization of Local Field Potentials in Holmes Tremor Treated with Pallidal Deep Brain Stimulation

    Adolfo Ramirez-Zamora, Brian C. Kaszuba, Lucy Gee, Julia Prusik, Fabio Danisi, Damian Shin, Julie G. Pilitsis
    Case Reports
  2. Late-Onset Psychogenic Chronic Phonic-Tics

    Thiago C. Vale, José L. Pedroso, Marcos Knobel, Elias Knobel
    Case Reports
  3. Ataxia with Vitamin E Deficiency May Present with Cervical Dystonia

    Andrew E. Becker, Wendy Vargas, Toni S. Pearson
    Case Reports
  4. Post-mortem Findings in Huntington's Deep Brain Stimulation: A Moving Target Due to Atrophy

    Vinata Vedam-Mai, Daniel Martinez-Ramirez, Justin D. Hilliard, Samuel J. Carbunaru, Anthony T. Yachnis, Joshua A. Bloom, Peyton A. Keeling, Lisa Awe, Kelly D. Foote, Michael S. Okun
    Case Reports
  5. Ipsilateral Hemichorea-hemiballism in a Case of Postoperative Stroke

    Narasinga Rao V. Kannepalli, Ravi Yadav, Vikas Vazhayil, Sampath Somanna, Pramod Kumar Pal
    Case Reports
  6. Possible Functional Moving Toes Syndrome

    Nora Vanegas-Arroyave, Pattamon Panyakaew, Dronacharya Lamichhane, Lisa Shulman, Mark Hallett
    Case Reports
  7. Dystonia Associated with Idiopathic Slow Orthostatic Tremor

    Christopher Kobylecki, Monty A. Silverdale, Jeremy P. Dick, Mark W. Kellett, Andrew G. Marshall
    Case Reports
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