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  1. What is It? Difficult to Pigeon Hole Tremor: A Clinical–Pathological Study of a Man with Jaw Tremor

    Elan D. Louis, Peter G. Bain, Mark Hallett, Joseph Jankovic, Jean-Paul G. Vonsattel
    Case Reports
  2. The Management of Osteoarthritis in Movement Disorders. A Case Discussion.

    Stafford Giles, Robin S. Howard, Lavelle Jonathon
    Case Reports
  3. Jerky Periods - Myoclonus Occurring Solely During Menses

    Arthur W. Buijink, Jeannette M. Gelauff, Sandra M. van der Salm, Marina A. Tijssen, Anne-Fleur van Rootselaar
    Case Reports
  4. A Slow Orthostatic Tremor of Primary Origin

    Sophie Coffeng, Jorrit Hoff, Selma Tromp
    Case Reports
  5. Functional Impact of Sydenham’s Chorea: A Case Report

    Hortensia Gimeno, Sinead Barry, Jean-Pierre Lin, Anne Gordon
    Case Reports
  6. Tic Modulation Using Sensory Tricks

    Rebecca W. Gilbert
    Case Reports
  7. Dual Treatment of Hemichorea-Hemiballismus Syndrome with Tetrabenazine and Chemodenervation

    Chizoba C. Umeh, Paige Nichols, Liana S. Rosenthal, Zoltan Mari
    Case Reports
  8. Takayasu's Arteritis in a Patient with Sydenham's Chorea: Is There an Association?

    Thiago C. Vale, Ricardo O. Maciel, Débora P. Maia, Rogério Beato, Francisco Cardoso
    Case Reports
  9. Positional Torticollis While Lying on Side

    Vadim Belenky, Svetlana Pesonina
    Case Reports
  10. SPG11 Presenting with Tremor

    Susanne A. Schneider, Catherine J. Mummery, Mohadeseh Mehrabian, Henry Houlden, Peter G. Bain
    Case Reports
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