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  1. Bilateral Facial Spasm Following Guillain–Barré Syndrome

    Zain Guduru, John Morgan, Kapil Sethi
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  2. Adult-onset Generalized Dystonia as the Main Manifestation of MEGDEL Syndrome

    Camille Giron, Emmanuel Roze, Bertrand Degos, Aurélie Méneret, Claude Jardel, Annie Lannuzel, Fanny Mochel
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  3. Paroxysmal Kinesigenic Dyskinesia

    Martin Paucar, Helena Malmgren, Per Svenningsson
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  4. Acute Dystonic Reaction Following General Anesthetic Agent Use

    Jiraporn Jitprapaikulsan, Prachaya Srivanitchapoom
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  5. Negative Myoclonus Induced by Ciprofloxacin

    Anusha van Samkar, Floriaan G. De Kleermaeker, Margot G. te Riele, Aad Verrips
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  6. Oculogyric Crises

    Marianne Solberg, Jeanette Koht
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  7. Axial Sensory Tricks in Chorea–Acanthocytosis: Insights into Phenomenology

    Roongroj Bhidayasiri, Onanong Jitkritsadakul, Ruth H. Walker
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  8. Abnormal Spontaneous Eye Movements as Initial Presentation of Organophosphate Poisoning

    Igor De Lima Teixeira, Silméia Garcia Zanati Bazan, Arthur Oscar Schelp, Gustavo José Luvizutto, Fabrício Diniz De Lima, Rodrigo Bazan
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  9. The Clinical Course of a Drug-induced Acute Dystonic Reaction in the Emergency Room

    Massimo Marano, Lazzaro di Biase, Gaetano Salomone, Alessandro Di Santo, Annalisa Montiroli, Vincenzo Di Lazzaro
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