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  1. The Clinical Course of a Drug-induced Acute Dystonic Reaction in the Emergency Room

    Massimo Marano, Lazzaro di Biase, Gaetano Salomone, Alessandro Di Santo, Annalisa Montiroli, Vincenzo Di Lazzaro
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  2. Progressive Ataxia and Palatal Tremor: Think about POLG Mutations

    Marie Mongin, Cécile Delorme, Timothée Lenglet, Claude Jardel, Catherine Vignal, Emmanuel Roze
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  3. Paroxysmal Exercise-induced Dyskinesias Caused by GLUT1 Deficiency Syndrome

    Marie Mongin, Nicolas Mezouar, Pauline Dodet, Marie Vidailhet, Emmanuel Roze
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  4. Pseudodystonic Posture Secondary to Klippel–Feil Syndrome and Diastematomyelia

    Martin Lopez-Vicchi, Gustavo Da Prat, Emilia M. Gatto
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  5. Nine Years with Munchausen Syndrome: A Case of Psychogenic Dystonia

    Mirac A. Cakmak, Sevki Sahin, Nilgun Cinar, Utkan Tiyekli, Sibel Karsidag
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